About me... I’m a Colorado native, married, with three beautiful daughters; a 1992 graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art, with a still photography degree.

After graduating, I worked with and assisted for some of the best photographers in the United States.

I enrolled at the University of Colorado, Boulder to pursue a Bachelors in Photojournalism. I got an internship with KUSA channel 9 and my TV career took off from there.

My still photography background has always given me a unique edge in television production. I approach my TV work as a still shoot. I have a great sense of lighting and story telling, and I’m always looking to stay current so I never get that dated video look. I can shoot all the cameras and different formats out there (I'll even shoot with your camera if you prefer).

Let's face it. I'm not alone; there’s a bunch of good videographers in Colorado. But who do you want to spend 10 hours a day with and who will give you that outstanding performance every time? I think my body of work speaks for itself, as well as my client list (some over 10 years).

When you hire DaveTV, you get me, not someone else shooting with my gear. Speaking of gear, I have best equipment in the business (and I’m always upgrading) so be assured that when I roll my truck up to a shoot, your job will get done at the highest quality, no matter how big, or how small your shoot is.

I work with the best Audio, Gaffers, Grips, Teleprompter Ops, location scouts in town (seriously). I’ve traveled all over the country shooting (and I travel cheap).

I really love what I do.